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Home Services

Have you ever want to get that file on your PC at home while you are at the office?

Let us configure your router and PC so you can connect to it from anywhere in the world.


Have you ever had the famous Blue Screen of Death? Or the infamous blinking cursor? Or perhaps the endless reboot?
Don't panic! These are all common problems that are usually very simple to fix. We have fixed many "broken" PC's in record time.
Is your hard drive making a funny noise or has crashed?
We have recovered data from many "crashed" drives.


Are you frustrated with wireless routers that are so hard to configure and understand?
Let  Nerd Tech design a low cost, secure, but easy to maintain home networking solution.
There is no charge for initial consultation, so call or contact us today at (404) 939-7494 or

Individual / Home Services


Cable / DSL Installation

Router and Wireless Configurations

Spyware and Virus Cleaning and Prevention

Remote Desktop for Home (Haven’t you always wanted to get to that file you left at home?)

Data Recovery (We have recovered data from many “failed” drives.

Desktop Migrations and Operating Systems Upgrades (keep all your settings)

Memory Upgrades for Laptops or Desktops

Forgotten Windows Password Resets

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